6th PNKF North American Women’s Taikai Results


1st place – PNKF-1 (J.DeJong, E.DeJong, N.Grimes, E.Marsten, A.Nakayama)
2nd place – SWKIF-1 (H.Dang, A.Darrah, D.Verastigue, N.Arnal, A.Adachi)
3rd place – SCKO 1 (Y.Saito, J.Kuo, I.Lorimer, N.Harigai, H.Hsueh)
3rd place – PNKF-2 (M.Blechschmidt, M.DeJong, J.Frazier-Day, J.Chen, M.Rinaldi)

Individual Mudansha
1st place – Maya Blechschmidt
2nd place – Binah Yeung, PNKF
3rd place – Sizhou Zou, SCKO
3rd place – Lucy Tan, SWKIF

Individual Yudansha
1st place – Yuko Saito, SCKO
2nd place – Ai Nakayama, PNKF
3rd place – Wendy Robillard, CKF
3rd place – Minako Harigai, SCKO
4th place – Isabel Lorimer, SCKO
4th place – Noelle Grimes, PNKF
4th place – Juneko Kurahashi, CKF
4th place – Elizabeth Marsten, PNKF

View the FULL Excel results for match by match, point by point action here!
Team Round Robin, Single Elimination and Bracket
Mudansha Individuals
Yudansha Individuals



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