Womens Kendo Seminar

Guests at the Women’s Seminar

The title of “Women’s Seminar” pretty much gives it away, but for those that are of the male gender, it does mean that participation is for the paying ladies in attendance. However, if you’d like to come watch and soak up Murayama Sensei’s wisdom from the sidelines, guests ARE welcome. It would be *really* nice […]


Potluck Sign Up for After Taikai Party

SIGN UP HERE FOR THE POTLUCK That link opens up a Google Doc, simply enter in your name (first/last) what dish you’re bringing and what type it is. If you’re not sure what you’re bringing, that’s OK, but pick a TYPE and mark that so we know if we’re getting 16 desserts or not. You […]


Women’s Kendo Seminar Sign Up Form

Now available online, just print out, mail in or hand deliver to Jeff Marsten Sensei by May 26, 2010 to participate in the seminar with Marsten Sensei and Katsura Sensei during the week of June 19-June 25th. Click here to download the Women’s Kendo Seminar Form and Waiver. Seminar Fee: $50 full seminar or $10 […]