Guests at the Women’s Seminar

The title of “Women’s Seminar” pretty much gives it away, but for those that are of the male gender, it does mean that participation is for the paying ladies in attendance.

However, if you’d like to come watch and soak up Murayama Sensei’s wisdom from the sidelines, guests ARE welcome. It would be *really* nice if you did come, to make a donation to the cost of hosting the seminar relative to the frequency of your attendance. (It turns out that bringing over and hosting a top notch guest like Murayama Sensei isn’t in the “cheap” category.)

Filming of the seminar is NOT allowed, other than the occasional camera phone bit. If you do, you must stay out of the way and may not block the view or disrupt the seminar for any of the participants.

The PNKF women’s coach, Jeff Marsten Sensei, will be filming and anyone wishing to film more (like seminar attendees) will need to consult with him first. Any film taken on any device is NOT to be posted to any public video sharing sites. This is a private event for the ladies of the PNKF and their guests.

Overall, please just be cool about this. We want everyone to have a good time and learn a lot.

The seminar schedule and locations can be found here.



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