Taikai Help

Rides, Roommates & Teammates


We recommend ladies coming from out of town that are planning on attending the seminar look into rental cars for ease in transportation around Seattle. There will be some runs to and from the hotel on Friday night prior to the taikai to Bellevue Kendo Club for practice by PNKF area members.

Filling Team Openings

Teams that need to fill a spot on their team or would like to play on a team and don’t have one? We can help you with that.

Email: womenskendotaikai at gmail.com with what you need: be on a team or fill a slot and we’ll get your hooked up.

We won’t know for sure until July, who or what team, that’s just how taikais are after all, but we’ll definitely do our best to make sure everyone gets as much floor time as they can.

Finding a Hotel Roommate

If you’re from out of town looking for a roommate to fill that other hotel bed-email womenskendotaikai at gmail.com and we’ll try and match up ladies so that you’ll be able to split that hotel bill right down the middle.

Where Should I Stay?