Taikai Rules

Tournament Rules and Regulations

Individual Competition:

Single elimination, 3-point match with two- (1) minute overtimes (encho) followed by judge’s decision (hantei). In the semi-final and final matches there will be no judge’s decision (hantei). There will be unlimited overtime until a winner is determined.

All matches are 3 points (sanbon shobu)

In the case of back to back matches the individual will be given a 3 minute rest period maximum. The competitor may waive the rest period at any time prior to the 3 minutes.

Awards will be given as follows:
First place, second place, 2 third places and 4 fourth places for Yudansha
First place, second place, 2 third places for Mudansha

Team Competition:

Preliminary league

Matches are 3 minutes, 3 point (sanbon shobu) no overtime, with draws (hikiwaki). The two best record teams in each group will advance to the medal round. The best record will be determined by number of wins in head to head competition, (team A defeats team B), followed by total number of matches won by team members, and then total number of points scored by the team. In the case of a tie after all of the above, a team representative from the tied teams will have a one point playoff to determine the best record.

The two best record teams will advance to the medal round. The first place finishers of a group will be matched against the second place finisher of a group. By example A1/D2, B1/C2, C1/B2, D1/A2. Matches will be standard team format, best record advances and tie will be broken by player representative, one point match.

Awards will be given as follows:
First place (5) + team trophy, second place (5), two 3rd places (10)

Substitution of team members:

Team order for the first match must be submitted to the head table at the beginning of the tournament. (Before the completion of opening ceremonies.)

Revisions must be submitted immediately following the teams exit from the court from their current match.

A team with less than 5 individuals may not forfeit the captains position (taisho) nor the 1st position (senpo). All forfeits are awarded as a 2 point wins to the opposing team.

Borrowing of individuals from other organizations will be allowed, but must be turned in on the original team roster in the morning. A team must contain a minimum of 3 individuals from its organization. Tournament management will assign borrowed individuals to teams that are less than 5 members using non-PNKF entrants first until they are all placed.

Final Decision on application of the rules will be resolved by the tournament management.

All other rules will be standard KIF.